Expand Your Authentic Leadership Skills

Expand Your Authentic Leadership Skills

In this session you will learn about your personal energy.

Take the Authenticity Assessment and discover more about your leadership style. This program can cause a buzz in your organization as attendees leave the session with a new language and a new way to look at themselves and their teams. They also come away clear on at least one thing to do right away that will increase your authenticity as a leader.. Takeaways: Gain clarity on what it means to be an authentic leader and assess how it applies to you. How to relate your energy to leadership style. Leave with knowledge of one thing to tweak in your life to increase your authentic leadership skills. Sample Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da_P-BD1pE8&feature=youtu.be

Dr. Norma T. Hollis — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Norma T. Hollis

Authentic Leadership and Workplace Authenticity Expert

Dr. Norma Hollis: Empowering Authentic Leadership & Transforming Workplaces

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