New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilation

How a new executive or manager can leap months ahead in team-building

A half-day workshop similar to the CTE above, the "New Leader Assimilation" workshop (NLA) jump-starts working relationships between a new executive and his or her team. A new leader and team typically spend months feeling each other out and learning how to work together through trial and error. Why do that when you can leap ahead to effective teamwork in a morning or afternoon? The team learns about their new leader's key purposes and values, and can immediately focus their efforts in the right directions, laying the groundwork to achieve immediate momentum and accomplishment. The DiSC Personality Profile test is used with each participant to aid in self-awareness and improve communication with others.

Tim Stevenson — Motivational Speaker

Tim Stevenson

Improving the world by developing new and better leaders

"It always comes back to leadership." Whether the sphere is a small team, a huge organization, or an entire society, effective leadership is necessary to attain excellence. Tim is a master at presenting fundamental principles vividly and memorably.

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