Making Waves That Make Results: Grow Your Influence. Maximize Your Impact. Be Positioned to Profit.

Making Waves That Make Results: Grow Your Influence. Maximize Your Impact. Be Positioned to Profit.

Grow Your Influence. Maximize Your Impact. Be Positioned to Profit.

Does your audience need to be equipped to tackle their next round of goals in an inspired and motivating way? Are you looking to make sure your team feels more connected to their personal and professional mission with practical strategies to surpass their weekly and monthly goals? This entertaining, interactive program has been a hit for team members, leaders, organizations, and association members around the country. Audience members get a chance to interact with one another in ways that are inspiring and motivational while coming up with specific action steps that will move them closer towards operating at their full potential. In one of the most recent presentations that Daphne has done of this program, the team took initiative in an excited way towards the end of the presentation to talk about how they could utilize what they've learned on a weekly basis and as individuals. It was truly inspiring! FORMAT: ​30-60 minute keynote/ 60-minute breakout/ Half-day training *Time can be adjusted THIS PROGRAM IS PERFECT FOR: Staff or leadership retreat Senior management establishing goals and vision for upcoming year Senior management desiring to increase motivation ​Teams struggling with forward momentum Teams needing to enhance their communication Teams needing to increase their connection to one another AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS INCLUDE: ✓ Through role-play, writing, individual work, and team activities, learn the WAVES approach to growing your influence and impact through focusing on 1) Your Why, 2) Your Actions, 3) Your Voice/ Communication Style, 4) Your Work Environment, and 5) Your Special Touch when it comes to your role at work ✓ Gain insight on how to take your productivity and performance to the next level ✓ Explore your motivation and working style to create and maintain more open lines of communication towards a dynamic, high-performing team TESTIMONIAL: Daphne is fantastic at working within a group setting - somehow, she made it feel like she was speaking one-on-one with you instead of to 20 people! One of the things I also appreciated was that Daphne has the ability to break down complex subject matter and explain it in simple terms. I never felt lost and certainly felt comfortable asking questions! Plus she's got a very joyful, upbeat personality, so, the training was a lot of fun. I plan on attending other training events she hosts in the future and I highly recommend her services. Carolina M., CEO | I.N.H.C.

Coach Daphne Valcin — Motivational Speaker

Coach Daphne Valcin

National Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Daphne went from experiencing immense struggle in her youth to speaking at her college graduation, going on to graduate from an Ivy League and create a successful business! She has engaged, inspired, and enlightened audiences as large as 6,000!

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