Put Your Own Mask on First

Put Your Own Mask on First

...or you can't help anyone else, a humorous look at Depression and Self-Care

This fun and healing presentation helps us examine the causes and treatments of depression, brought to you by a full-time warrior against "the beast". LESSONS * Inspire people to make art: write out feelings * Shared pain is a burden relieved * Help yourself out of the rabbit hole * Lifting the shame of depression AUDIENCE: Anyone who struggles with Depression or Anxiety, and everyone who doesn't understand those who do. EXPECT: poems that illustrate the pain of depression with a splash of light at the end of the tunnel. I am not a mental health professional, but I am an expert in my own mental health. My tips and tricks may work for you too. At the end of my presentation you will be armed with the 3 A's of beating depression: Awareness, Activity and Acupuncture; but also much more. (note: I am not performing acupuncture, merely a fan) TIME: 30-60 minutes

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet  — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet

Your words have power!

I help audiences learn how to live the "Feel-Good Lifestyle" by speaking about painless ways to make healthy choices that feel great!

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