How Maps Show Why the War in Ukraine Has Reached a Stalemate, With Only Two Possible Outcomes

How Maps Show Why the War in Ukraine Has Reached a Stalemate, With Only Two Possible Outcomes

As the Russia-Ukraine War drags on toward a second winter the question, “What next?” looms larger than ever. It’s all the more poignant in light of Ukraine’s waning resources, the lack of political consensus about U.S. funding, and the emergence of the Israel-Hamas war, diverting global attention and shifting priorities for aid. Steven Myers says that the answer is clear: the Ukraine war has reached a stalemate, and the fighting will soon stop. Why can we be so certain of this? When will this end become official and where will it leave us? Steve understands not only the conflict’s history, but also, the military reality and geopolitical nuances that few U.S. voices are willing to express. In an engaging and thought-provoking talk, he’ll explain the developments pointing clearly to the winding down of this war, including: --What military maps showing the disposition of forces tell us. --What the impact will be of the emergence of the Israel/Hamas war, and what maps showing the IDF’s attack strategy suggest. --Why the Ukraine war was never winnable by the West in the first place --How Game Theory should have been used to predict and avoid the current stalemate. Why Game Theory would have revealed Russia’s strategy, and why this strategy has worked. --How the U.S. role in promoting the Ukraine conflict unintentionally created the most dangerous disruption of World order since World War II. --Where Russia’s real interests lie vs. the false narrative promoted by magical thinking in the West about Ukraine ever joining NATO. --Why Eastern European countries should stop worrying about Russian intentions. --Why the West normalizing relations with Russia is feasible in the foreseeable future. He’ll conclude by examining the two most likely outcomes in Ukraine: 1- A new Cold War that could last indefinitely. 2- A meeting with the next U.S. president and Putin to resolve long-standing conflicts.

Steve Myers — Motivational Speaker

Steve Myers

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Three diverse and compelling topics to choose from: 1. Why the Cornerstone of courage is optimism: What an un-survivable experience taught me about human nature and our innate ability to do what is necessary to survive. 2. What entrepreneurs can learn from pilots about pushing through uncertainty to succeed. 3. Why the U.S. foreign policy since World War II has consistently failed to achieve its intended objectives while created endless unintended, but predictable adverse consequences.

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