Stand Out From the Crowd

Stand Out From the Crowd

Successful Marketing, Leasing & Resident Retention Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

This series is specifically designed for Affordable Housing professionals who want to improve their leasing and marketing skills and meet the ever-increasing demand of competing with Market Rate communities. This is a three part series: “Basic Leasing Skills”, “Marketing For Results” and “Exceptional Customer Service =Resident Retention =Income Optimization". Each of these sessions addresses: - Perception vs. Reality - De-Mything Stigmas and Stereotypes of Affordable Renters, Communities and Market Environments. - How to lease or market a community with multiple programs and mixed target markets - Senior, Family, Affordable & Market Rate. - How to compete with a market rate community when your rents are the same but amenities are less. - How to make a conscious shift from ”It’s low income and needs driven so we don’t need to market or lease” to “We need solid marketing and leasing skills to compete.”

Elaine Simpson — Motivational Speaker

Elaine Simpson

Conversations. Not Presentations.

Experienced property manager, customer service marketing director and trainer to hundreds of clients seeking soft skill topics with an interactive and fun edge. From Marketing to Customer Service to Time Management and specialty topics such as fair housing.

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