The Resiliency Curve

The Resiliency Curve

Exactly What to Do When Faced with Workplace Adversity

In the workplace, we’re going to be faced with adversity and we need to know how to deal with it. But getting through adversity isn’t enough. If we want to become truly resilient, then we’ve got to be growing through adversity. Because the truth is, we’re not just growing from our past struggles, we’re also growing for our future struggles. In The Resiliency Curve: Exactly What to Do When Faced with Workplace Adversity, licensed therapist, author, and cancer survivor, Cindy Finch will share the exact “pre-traumatic growth” process that took her out of her darkest times and how everyone on your team can also learn to choose the path of most resilience – so they can be adaptable in any environment, more self-sufficient, and less stressed!

Cindy Finch, LCSW — Motivational Speaker

Cindy Finch, LCSW

Choose the Path of Most Resilience

The Brene Brown of workplace resiliency, Cindy Finch is a force. Engaging stories delivered with an energy that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of actionable ideas for exactly what to do when faced with workplace adversity. Whether it's a negative performance review or complete organizational upheaval, Cindy's "PRE-siliency Process" will lead you by the hand to a place beyond "just coping" and into genuine resiliency that you can take with you to all areas of life.

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