Successful Selling Series

Successful Selling Series

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This training series offers a variety of workshops designed to help leaders and their sales teams grow their business, increase productivity, and close more sales. If you are seeking higher levels of growth, leadership development, and business success, these high-impact workshops are filled with successful selling strategies that can be applied immediately and will motivate your team to maximize its potential and prosper! Note: The following is just a partial list of the topics included in our Successful Selling Series. Each workshop is tailored for 90 min., half-day, and full-day training seminars. <<<"Sales Skills 101" (beginners course = 90 min.) Sample Topics: Building Rapport Uncovering Needs and Wants Time Management Goal-Setting <<<"Sales Skills 102"(intermediate course = 90 min.) Sample Topics: Prospecting, Presenting, Following Up Overcoming Objections Setting Appointments Gaining Commitment <<<"Sales Skills 103"(advanced course = 90 min) Sample Topics: Closes-Closes-Closes! Networking and Referrals Recruit-Recruit-Recruit! Image-Image-Image! <<<"HUMAN RELATIONS AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SALES SUCCESS" (half-day or full-day training seminar) Topics include content from all three of the courses listed above with a strong focus on building self-confidence and enhancing our communication effectiveness. Strategies taught in this training seminar are designed to develop skills to the highest degree possible, resulting in increased productivity and attaining higher sales results.

Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk — Motivational Speaker

Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk

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