Flourishing From Seed to Flower

Flourishing From Seed to Flower

Thriving During Uncertain Times

Our history sets the context for our present and is an indicator of future success. David takes your audience from the beginning to the end of a successful journey and shows how you can thrive in almost any situation. Audience Members Will Better Understand: *The lifecycle of ideas and why solid foundations are related to future success. *Goal setting and “The Strangest Secret” in the world. *Strategies on how to Adapt, Grow, and Embrace the obstacles that hinder progress. *That success is a choice. Available in 60- and 90-minute sessions.

David D'Arcangelo — Motivational Speaker

David D'Arcangelo

Presidentially Appointed Expert | Disability Owned Business

David is one of our nation's preeminent experts on public policy and disability. Legally blind from an early age, David's experience includes serving the President, Congress, Governors and titans of industry. Articulate elocution, kindness and charisma are a few features of David’s persona. David's amazing personal story is an American original that is unique and truly inspirational. David has served as a Presidential appointee, Gubernatorial appointee, elected official and business professio

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