Wonder Women

Wonder Women

Empowering women in a fun, uplifting way

Specifically focused on the issues that face half of the population, every single day. Presented in fun, thought-provoking poems, leading to lively, enlightening discussion. LESSONS: * All people have value * Highlighting injustices and telling our stories is the only way to heal us all * Sharing our collective experience connects and strengthens us AUDIENCE: Open to all, great fit for Women's conferences. Perfect for any group trying to improve relations between genders. Women will love it, Men may be slightly uncomfortable at times, but in the best, eye-opening way. APPLICATIONS: Women's groups, Men's groups, Churches, Corporate events, Management Training TIME: 30-90 minutes

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet  — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet

Your words have power!

I help audiences learn how to live the "Feel-Good Lifestyle" by speaking about painless ways to make healthy choices that feel great!

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