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Digital Media Revolution
Beyond Fad to Real Dynamics

You’ve probably heard it. “If you’re not on Facebook, you’re so last century.” Or a colleague gives you an incredulous “raise of the eyebrow” when you tell them you don’t have a Twitter account. In this exciting keynote, Jonathan will look at three key dynamics of digital media and discuss why it’s OK if you’re not on Twitter or Facebook. He’ll explore social media and digita...


Travels From: Leesburg, VA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Gossip to Gospel
Chronicling Social History

As a veteran Wash DC gossip columnist and a regular dishing with Joan Rivers on camera, I like to think of my role as chronicling history. The word "gossip" is not always negative. What often starts as speculation soon becomes gospel and history headlines. Think Watergate, Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Hillary's private emails, It's often the real story before the spin docs are called in. ...


Travels From: NYC, NY
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Inspired Innovation
The Technology Changing Us and Our World

Innovation in technology is changing our everyday lives, creating seismic shifts in consumer expectations and behavior. In order to compete, brands must put innovation at the heart of every decision, from R&D to Marketing to Customer Service. I explore how and why consumer behaviors are evolving, discuss key technologies and products leading the evolution and share how individuals at every level c...


Travels From: Birmingham, AL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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We talk Cyber Security But: What about Protecting your company's data, by psychologically evaluating potential Espionage and Spy activity?
Corporate Security; The Psychological Factors of Espionage and Spying

The audience will be engaged when we will focus on the psychological motivations, to identify the emotional precursors, which lead to CORPORATE ESPIONAGE and SPYING. In today’s world of CYBER-RISK and CYBER-SECURITY, we sometimes forget about the individuals, or dare I say SUSPECTS behind the BREACH, ATTACH or THEFT. We neglect these individuals until it is too late, and the damage has been d...


Travels From: Fort Wayne, IN
Fee Range: Open

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How to Write Cuil
Suited for those searching for richer ways of writing and weaving tales and reaching out.

This program explores a new way to write inclusively and accurately about relationships, race, sex, consent, disability, and sexual diversity in fiction that is sexy, real, and unexpectedly surprising. Often, our first encounter with people who are different from us, as well as ideas and experiences that we do not share, is through the media we consume. But if it only depicts certain people or ide...


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: Varies

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